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Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok – DISPENSARY Review 2024

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If you’re visiting Bangkok and reside near Sukhumvit Soi 11, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to buying weed. But the trick is knowing where to buy it, so you don’t get fooled by the low-quality shops.

Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok, one of the coolest shops you must visit!

Today, I’m sharing Soi 11’s best spot with you: Amsterdam Cafe! The name alone should make your mouth water. So, are you ready to get THE plan of the moment? As a bonus, a surprise awaits you! Read on, you won’t regret it.

Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok
NAME Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok
MAIN ADDRESS 141 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
OPENING HOURS 08:00AM to 04:00AM from Monday to Thursday and up to 05:00am during weekends

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amsterdam cafe weed store bangkok

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The Dispensary

For many tourists I’ve met, the name “Amsterdam Cafe” has a nice ring to it. For the record, the owner of the shop explained to me one day that he hadn’t really put that much thought into the name. It naturally came to him.

For many Europeans, weed = Amsterdam, the name wasn’t taken. And so the Amsterdam Cafe was born. Simple, but it was worth thinking about. Don’t you think so?


It was a friend who first took me to the Amsterdam Cafe. The funny thing is, this friend doesn’t smoke, he just likes the place, and for good reason.


HOLIDAY TIPS – By the way, this man has much more great tips about Bangkok because he runs the company Bangkok Funride, an e-Scooter Tour Guide. For the record, I did it once with him, it is so cool!

To get to Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok, my favorite route is as follows: BTS to Nana station, a short walk of just 120 meters (2 minutes according to Google Maps) and I’m there. Occasionally, I also go by moto taxi. Don’t worry, everyone knows Soi 11. The dispensary is just around the corner, and it’s always busy.


Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok elevator
The famous 5th floor button

The first time I went there, I stepped into the shop and thought, “what the hell is this place?”. It’s small, narrow. Nothing really attractive, but that was at first sight!

So yes, where the weed is sold, the space is pretty tight. There’s weed everywhere, pots all over the place. It actually reminds me of some Dutch coffeeshops I liked to hang out in when I was younger. What immediately appealed to me was the wide choice of strains and the friendliness of the staff, but I’ll come back to that later in this review.

Once I’d bought my first gram of weed at Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok, my buddy asked me to follow him. We stood in front of an elevator door, a few steps from the counter. And then the magic happened. “You’ll see,” he says.


UPDATE February 2024 – From now on, you won’t find any weed on the first floor. For weed, go straight up to the 5th floor. Read on!

We got into the elevator, he pressed the button for the 5th floor, we went up, the doors opened and then… Oh, wow! I find myself in an ultra-stylish bar with a slightly offbeat decor, a Dutch coffeeshop atmosphere and, cherry on the cake, a kick-ass rooftop.

The decoration is really crazy. In fact, the boss explained to me that all the decorative objects, toys, and furniture are vintage. He loves to hunt and find rare pieces. That’s what makes the shop unique. It’s almost like an art gallery – a bit crazy, I must admit! And what’s even crazier is that everything is for sale! If you fancy something, just ask the price. If you like it, you can walk away with it! It’s just incredible.

You can smoke indoors and outdoors, it’s great! I ordered myself a nice San Miguel Light and rolled a joint on the rooftop. It’s a great experience! As my friend told me, this place is the perfect spot for an afterwork with friends, a first date with a stoner, of course, or even a solo afternoon! So yes, the rooftop of the Four Twenty High Garden dispensary is more modern, that’s obvious. But here, I feel more at home, and I love it. What a wonderful discovery.


FACT – Since that first time, the Amsterdam Cafe has become one of my favorite places for a quiet smoke.

The Weed at Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok

Yes, yes, yes, I know that’s what you’re most interested in. So let’s talk, what’s the weed like at Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok?

Strains’ Selection

Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok weed
Super Lemon Haze at Amsterdam Cafe

Clearly, I’ve never seen anything like it. Like I said, there are pots everywhere. When I last spoke to the staff, I learned that there were over 90 strains available in the shop. Can you imagine? The first time, I thought it was too much, but after coming back, I think it’s actually great! You can visit countless times and will always be able to try a new strain.

At Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok, believe me, there’s something for every budget. The cheapest weed is 99 baht a gram, the famous Thai Green Crack. If you’ve never tried it, I’d recommend it. It’s clearly not going to be the best weed of your life, but it’s fun to try. So if you want cheap weed in Bangkok, this is the place to go.

Then you’ll find weeds for under 300 baht a gram, and higher grades that range in price from 300 baht to over 700 baht a gram.

With such a vast selection of cannabis flowers, it’s no wonder that this shop features in my Top 20 of the best weed shops in Bangkok.

Quality of Products

In terms of quality, with over 90 strains, I immediately thought that some would be top-notch and others a little less so. I was not mistaken.

Well… Let’s just say I’m used to smoking top quality, so when I come across an average weed at 200 baht a gram, I’m bound to think it’s not crazy (I know I’m so wrong).

But of the 90 strains available, 80% are good. In reality, it depends a lot on your tastes and preferences. Personally, I like strong-smelling weeds with a very pronounced taste, like some of those available from Dr Green.

My advice here is simply to talk to the staff, so they can guide you towards a flower that suits you. But one thing’s for sure: Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok is bound to have a weed for you!

Personally, I’ve tried a bunch: Pablo Lemon, Jack Herrer, Amnesia Haze and the very famous Orange Bud. The one I really liked was Super Lemon Haze, a weed I used to smoke a lot when I was young while traveling in the Netherlands. The smell, the taste, the effect, everything is perfect! I love it!


EXCLUSIVE – Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok even has its own strain, Cartel Bruce. I haven’t tried it yet, but I promise, as soon as I do, I’ll do a special review. I’ll add it to my page dedicated to weed strains.

To sum up, if you want quality weed, the Amsterdam Cafe is a perfect spot for you.

Pricing and Value

I started talking about it at the beginning of this review, the selection fits all budgets, from 99 baht to 700 baht a gram and more for premium weeds. Mind you, just because you’re buying a cheap weed doesn’t mean you’re getting crap, not at all. Do as your budget allows.

I also know that for regular customers and those who buy a lot, the staff doesn’t hesitate to offer discounts. And just for you, I’m in the middle of negotiations to get a weed coupon code that you can use when you buy in the shop and for delivery too. It’s coming, I hope.

Update 07/08/2023: I got the coupon code for you guys! Here it is! Enjoy it!

amsterdam cafe weed store bangkok

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The Staff at Amsterdam Cafe

Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok smoking room
The bar & restaurant

The staff is one of Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok’s strengths. I’m going to make a distinction between the dispensary staff and the bar staff so that everything is clear to you.

Let’s start with the dispensary staff. There are always two or three guys downstairs to assist you. Frankly, I find them really friendly, they always have a smile on their faces.

When it comes to weed, they know what they’re talking about. They know their products well and can direct you according to your mood and budget. I don’t find them pushy like some shops, and they don’t necessarily recommend the most expensive weed. As I said, they adapt to you and that’s really pleasant.

Thereafter, they’re still commercial. Let me give you an example. The other day, I went to the Amsterdam Cafe and bought some weed. I needed some rolling papers. I wanted to get a pack of Mascotte, but the staff showed me a super-fun pack with built-in tips, built-in grinder and rolling deck. Well, I bought it! He sold it to me, ah ah ah ah! But I think it’s cool, it allowed me to discover a new product, which I’d seen elsewhere but hadn’t fallen for.

Now, the bar staff. When you go up to the 5th floor, the bar staff takes care of you. They’re really nice chicks too. They’re always smiling and super responsive. That’s all I have to say about that. It’s all great!

I couldn’t end this paragraph without mentioning the boss, Bruce, who is often present in the evenings. Firstly, he’s very knowledgeable about weed! If you need any further advice, you can always approach him. Secondly, Bruce has a collection of arranged rums that he prepares with his staff. Seriously, give in to temptation, but before you do, ask his advice! It’s like weed, it’s up to you.

So, to sum up, you’re welcomed downstairs by friendly, qualified budtenders, you’re well looked after at the bar, and the boss is always on hand to chat. What more could you ask for?

Additional Services

Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok isn’t just a dispensary, as I said. So yes, there are extra services, let me tell you.

Weed Delivery

Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok restaurant
Feeling hungry?

If you need weed but don’t want to leave your hotel room, apartment or house, rest assured that Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok will deliver until 5am. That’s good news, isn’t it?

As usual, I tried out this weed delivery service in Bangkok. I’d just got home from a party and was too tired to go and get some weed. I contacted the staff via their Instagram account. It was 4:05am.


RESULT – Believe it or not, the weed was at my house at precisely 4:37am! Half the joint was enough for me to go to sleep that day!

So I confirm, delivery works well with this dispensary.

Kitchen & Bar

If you’re feeling a little hungry, the Amsterdam Cafe is the perfect spot. Of course, you can order drinks – beers, stronger spirits, soft too – but you can also order food.

Delicious meats, chicken, burgers, sandwiches and more are on offer. In short, the menu is extensive, and the prices are reasonable. And don’t miss the Steak House section!

Reviews and Reputation

Whether it’s thanks to the staff, the weed, or the boss, Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok’s reputation is excellent:

  • 4.7/5 on Google.

Note that many customers who have added reviews talk about the rooftop. I’ll say it again, this rooftop is incredible.

My Opinion on Amsterdam CAfe Bangkok

Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok rooftop
You will love the rooftop!

As you now know, I’m always honest with you. Even though the Amsterdam Cafe Bangkok is located on a very tourist-focused street, this cannabis dispensary is a place you must visit.

Personally, I love spending a few hours there at the end of the day, after work. The rooftop is great. I often meet people there, both locals and tourists, and often share great conversations with some really cool people.

All in all, I highly recommend this weed shop.

Bonus: video from Zion Gale

Look at this video guys, I found it so beautiful! Enjoy it!

Video from Zion Gale Channel


Is the weed selection worth the trip to Soi 11?

Yes, believe me, the selection is worth the detour. As yet, I haven’t seen a single dispensary in Bangkok with such a vast selection!

How do I get to the rooftop?

It’s simple: you enter the elevator, press button 5 and when the doors open, you’re in for a treat!

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