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Weed Street DISPENSARY – Review 2024

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Looking for your new favorite weed shop in Bangkok? Don’t worry, Weed Street is waiting for you! It’s the residents of Sathorn who are going to thank me!

A member of the Bangkok Stoners community told me about this shop. I wanted to see if Weed Street was worth the hype. Armed with my enthusiasm (and a cab), I dedicated my afternoon to analyzing this dispensary.

The result? Well… You’ll have to read the review to find out all about Weed Street, but what’s certain is that you won’t be disappointed.

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NAME Weed Street
MAIN ADDRESS 69 ซอย สาทร 11 Thung Wat Don, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
OPENING HOURS Every day from 01:00PM to 00:00AM

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The Dispensary Weed Street

It’s Tuesday. Today, I’m off to Weed Street, a dispensary that opened at the end of 2023. Nestled in the heart of Sathon (or Sathorn, as the two are called), a district I particularly appreciate, Weed Street presents itself as an oasis of relaxation and discovery.

To get there, I decide to use a cab. It only takes me 12 minutes to reach my destination (I was at Lumphini Park just before). For those using public transport, take the BTS, the Sukhumvit Line to Siam station, then the Silom Line to Saint-Louis station. There’s just 900 meters to walk before you reach Weed Street. It’s easy!


At the end of the street, I look around but don’t see a dispensary. But Google Maps confirms it’s there. I walk up to the big shop window… Yes, that’s it, I’ve found the Weed Street dispensary.

There are no bright, flashy signs here, as you’ll find on Sukhumvit. I like the simplicity and sobriety!


weed street in the sofa
Time to roll a joint at Weed Street

I open the door and enter the store. The shop is really stylish, and has a great vibe about it. What I like right away is the large window that lets the light in.

I find a clean, well-decorated space. The wall opposite the front door is completely covered by a fresco by artist Lounys. With parquet flooring, plants and two sofas, I feel the owners have good taste.

They’ve created a space in which I could settle down and stay for hours. For those of you who have been following me since the beginning, you know that the atmosphere of the place is an important criterion for me.

Curious, I go upstairs and discover a stunning gaming room, with 6 massive screens, sofas for each gaming station, PS4, PS5 and Switch consoles, neon lights, green plants, everything to enchant me ah ah ah! I’ll come back to this later in the article. Weed Street is not just a top-notch dispensary, it’s also home to a crazy gaming space run by Bamboo, an E-sport franchise you can also find in Ekamai.


DISCOVERY TIME – There’s a third floor. Intrigued, I go upstairs, and there it is, the smoking room because yes, at Weed Street, you can enjoy your joints on the spot, and that’s a big advantage.

So, to sum up what I’ve just discovered: a quality cannabis dispensary with an over-equipped gaming area and a proper smoking room. I have a feeling I’ll be spending many of my afternoons there at Weed Street.

The Weed at Weed Street

After a tour of the premises, I approach the weed counter. There, I find the cannabis flowers that Weed Street has for sale. Admit it, that’s what you’re most interested in, isn’t it?

Strains’ Selection

weed from weed street dispensary
You won’t be disappointed at Weed Street

I look at the big screen announcing the menu. There are 15 strains available: Biscotti, Durban Poison, Lemon Cola, Jack Herer, Tangie Banana and many more.

I think 15 strains is a good selection. It’s neither too many nor too few. I notice that there are several options of sativa, indica and hybrid too, which is cool since whatever your tastes and desires, there’s bound to be a strain for you at Weed Street.

For my quality test, I choose two types of flowers:

  • Durban Poison for the emotional side, ah ah ah! It’s a strain I used to smoke a lot when I was younger.
  • Lemonade, which I like for its citrus taste, a flavor I’ve been favoring lately.

I receive two bags decorated with American dollar bills. It’s stylish and goes well with the “street” theme.


PURCHASE – At Weed Street, you don’t just get flowers, you get other cannabis-related products. From grinders to rolling papers and other cool weed accessories, collectors will be delighted. And even… yeah, these stuff you are thinking about right now! Yes, this one!

Quality of Products

I settle into one of the sofas on the first floor. The budtender offers me a tray with the rolling papers, the grinder, and the filters. Basically, everything you need to roll a great joint.

weed street menu
There is more than flowers at Weed Street

I start with Lemonade. I know this sativa strain. It’s perfect for my daytime use. I take the weed out of the bag. The smell is great. I take the weed between my fingers and squeeze: not too dry, mellow, perfect for smoking. I break the big bud in half and place it in the grinder, grind, open, and smell. I love the smell of freshly grinded weed. I’m not disappointed.

I light my first joint. The taste is delicious, and I take about 5 or 6 puffs before passing the joint to a customer who has come to sit next to me. The THC effect is instantaneous, and I’m already feeling lifted by this sweet sensation. I’m starting to get high. The weed is so good.

I ask the customer I’m smoking with for his opinion. It is a connoisseur, apparently, as he tells me, almost immediately after spitting the smoke out through his nose: “Hmmmm, that’s Lemonade, isn’t it?” I confirm with a nod. He continues, “it’s one of my favorite strains at Weed Street, and the great thing is that it’s cheaper than most of the other cannabis dispensaries I’ve visited.”

We decide to share another joint together. So I roll the Durban Poison. Here, the weed is a little drier. I don’t like the texture as much, as I like mellow weed, but the smell still makes me think I’m in for a treat. Well, not missed, the joint fucks me up, I’m really high. The taste is the one I used to enjoy so much in high school.

All in all, two excellent choices, two strains that are delicious to smoke, and that really hit the spot.

Pricing and Value

In terms of price, frankly, it’s very decent. It’s a far cry from the “tourist trap” shops you’ll find all over the city. On the menu, I find flowers at 250 THB, 300 THB, 400 THB. The most expensive is Biscotti, at 700 THB per gram, which is super affordable for this quality. Ahh no, the Biscotti isn’t the most expensive, ah ah ah! For the ones who are willing to pay 1200 THB per gram, I advise you to test the Pink Runtz Diamond. The name speaks for itself! Amazing quality and super powerful too, 54% THC. Are you strong enough for it?

The great thing about Weed Street is the attractive concept launched by the two owners. And when I say “attractive”, I mean for us, the customers, of course. Allow me to explain.

weed prices at weed street
Here are the prices when I have visited the shop

Weed Street has set up a trading system in which cannabis is treated like a cryptocurrency or stock. The more customers buy a strain, the higher its price. “Nothing interesting for us” you may say. Well, that’s where the magic of the Weed Street system comes in. When a strain increases in price because it’s popular with customers, it automatically lowers the price of other strains. Isn’t that great?

And that’s how I ended up buying a gram of Durban Poison at 408 THB a gram instead of THB 600 on average in other dispensaries that also sell this strain. I like this because, in the end, if I pay close attention to the retail price of each strain, I’ll be able to pick up top-notch strains at affordable prices. It would certainly motivate me to explore alternative strains that I typically refrain from purchasing, if I solely focus on the price. I love the concept!


MOBILE APP – And to top it all off, Weed Street has created a mobile app. So you can follow the prices live, at any time of day, and be certain never to miss a good deal. Bravo Weed Street!

The Staff at Weed Street Bangkok

window at weed street
Do not be scared, enter at Weed Street

For me, a successful experience in a cannabis dispensary necessarily involves pleasant interaction with the staff. And here, I’m delighted.

Today, there is only one budtender at the shop. She’s pretty, gentle, and smiling. She does not hesitate to open the pots to help me make a choice. She gives me a couple of interesting pieces of information about certain strains, she does not force my hand to buy the most expensive weed but is rather interested in my current desires to better advise me.

I also talk a bit with one of the founders of Weed Street, who is very friendly and open to discussion. He doesn’t know that I represent Bangkokstoners.com, so he must think I’m very curious, ah ah ah.

He answers all my questions without being annoyed and even offers me a drink. A small commercial gesture that I appreciate!

Additional Services

When I review a weed shop, I don’t just focus on the cannabis flowers. There are many other criteria that come into play.

Weed Delivery

I start with the weed delivery service available for Bangkok’s residents. The waitress assures me that if I order online, via the LINE account, I would receive my cannabis in less than two hours. Ok. So, guess what I did when I got home? Yes, I ordered.

I started by following Weed Street on LINE. Then I asked the budtender what weed she would recommend for a romantic evening with my girlfriend. She recommended a nice hybrid, mid-range in price. I bought two grams. I paid via bank transfer and waited.


RESULT – I waited and waited (I don’t like waiting) and after an hour and 25 minutes, my weed was here, order complete.

I confirmed with a simple message to the budtender that I had received my products. She wished me a very pleasant evening!

Social Events

gaming center at weed street
The beautiful E-sport center

What I like about a weed shop, as I’ve already told you, is the atmosphere. Well, I think that atmosphere is also created by the community around the shop. And what better way to create a community than with social events.

I can already tell you that the owners have plenty of surprises in store for regular customers. But what’s already certain is that, every month, you’ll be able to take on other customers at gaming events organized by Weed Street. Talking to the manager of the gaming floor, I learned that FIFA and Tekken tournaments are organized. They’ve attracted around thirty players during last event, which is great!

Personally, I think cannabis and gaming go well together. I can imagine spending whole afternoons gaming while smoking my joint. Can you? If so, join me at Weed Street, where we can share joints and controllers ah ah ah!

Reviews and Reputation

Weed Street has a good reputation on internet, just look at the ratings and comments on Google :

  • 5-stars rating,
  • 22 customers’ reviews.

Not bad at all, isn’t it ?

My Opinion on Weed Street

weed street logo
I want this carpet

Here’s a weed shop that goes straight into second place on my list of the best cannabis dispensaries in Bangkok.

The reasons are simple:

  • The shop itself is beautiful and pleasant to be in.
  • The weed is high-quality and at affordable, even very affordable, prices.
  • Weed Street innovates with its cannabis trading system. I love it!
  • I can smoke on the spot, and that’s really cool!
  • There’s even a gaming center on the second floor. What more could you ask for?

These are the reasons, my reasons, why I highly recommend this shop, which I’m sure will become a second home for some members of the Bangkok Stoners community.

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