My Amazing Budtender Award

Ever strolled into a dispensary and encountered a budtender so stellar you thought they had a PhD in THC? I’ve been there! At, I’m on a mission to find and celebrate these cannabis maestros.

Bangkok Stoners will start delivering Awards from April 2024!

So, I’m rolling out the “My Amazing Budtender Award” – because when you’re this good, you deserve more than just a slow clap!

Objective of the Award

Budtenders, the unsung heroes of our green world. They’re the guiding stars for many on their cannabis journey. Through this award, I aim to:

  • Spotlight these green gurus who know their buds inside out.
  • Inspire dispensaries to raise the bar (and not just the edible kind!).
  • Set a gold (or green?) standard for budtenders all over Bangkok.

Evaluation Criteria

I’m not just after a charming smile; I’ve got a checklist!

  • Product Knowledge: Can they tell their Sativas from their Indicas in their sleep?
  • Customer Service: The kind that’d make even a newbie feel like a cannabis connoisseur.
  • Safety and Compliance: Playing by the book is the name of the game.
  • Personal Skills: A dash of empathy, a sprinkle of patience, and a lot of passion.

Award Process

  • Nomination: Got a budtender who’s the bee’s knees? Tell me all about them!
  • Mystery Visits: I might just drop by when it’s least expected. Peekaboo!
  • Scoring: Points are up for grabs. Bring your A-game!
  • Announcement: And the award goes to… Stay tuned!


  • A trophy that might just outshine the northern lights.
  • A moment in the limelight on Ready for your close-up?
  • Perhaps some cash or gift vouchers. A little thank you from me to you.
  • A swanky badge for the dispensary. Flaunt it, you’ve earned it!


Budtenders, dispensaries in Bangkok, and even customers – I’m calling on you! If you know a budtender who’s top-shelf material, please let me know. And if you’re a budtender who believes you’ve got the chops, step right up!

Join me on this exciting quest to find Bangkok’s best budtender. After all, behind every great cannabis experience, there’s an astonishing budtender!