Dr Green Bangkok Review

Since the beginning medical cannabis became legal in Thailand, people have been talking about Dr Green. Every time I go to a cannabis event in Bangkok, I can hear “Dr Green this …”, “Dr Green that …”! But what’s the deal with this dispensary? Is it as good as connoisseurs say? Is the reputation totally legit? Let’s find out together!

Just for you, I took the BTS to Asok station, walked the 200 meters indicated on Google Maps, and here I am, standing just in front of the huge cannabis neon leaf! Dr Green, I am coming to test you!

Dr Green quick facts

  • Address: 93 Sukhumvit Road, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: 24/7 Everyday
  • Phone Number: +66821719192
  • Languages of the Staff: Thai, English
  • Bangkok Stoners Rating: 10/10
  • Retail Choices: On-site, Delivery
  • Payment Options: Cash, QR Payment
  • Cheapest Strain: 10 grams of Green Crack for 180 THB
  • Most Expensive Strain: 800 THB
  • My Exclusive Discount: 20% with the code Bangkokstoners20 and 50% with the code BSmonthly50
  • Why You Should Visit it Today: Dr Green dispensary has so much to offer, from high-quality cannabis flowers to really helpful advice from the staff. That is definitely my top choice in Bangkok!
Dr Green Bangkok

My first visit to Dr Green Bangkok

The first time I visited Dr Green Bangkok? Oh yes, I remember it perfectly! It was early in 2023 (yeah, that dates back a bit). I recall at that time, in Bangkok, cannabis dispensaries were popping up like mushrooms. They were opening everywhere.

The owners were either savvy or lucky (you decide) because they opened their shop shortly after the law changed. And most importantly, they opened it in a super touristy neighborhood, which I’d say is the number one advantage! Honestly, it’s perfectly located, in Asok. Awesome.

So, getting back to my first visit. I was with a buddy, hanging out in Soi Cowboy on a Friday night. It was the second night in a row I was out, and I was kind of tired of it, just wanted to chill and smoke a joint. I thought of Dr Green because a few contacts in the cannabis scene in Thailand had told me about this famous dispensary. As we were really close to the dispensary, I thought it would be a good idea to visit.

The first impression I got was that the shop was small. But that was before I discovered the lounge upstairs. I immediately noticed the quality of the cannabis flowers, they were magnificent, all waiting for me in their pots. And the prices, I think that’s what shocked me the most. The prices were really more attractive than most of the shops in Bangkok, I found that crazy, but also super fair!

Discount codes for Bangkok Stoners only

Before I tell you more about Dr Green, you should know that since I’ve been going there, I’ve managed to become friends with the owners. They are super approachable, really nice, and always up for an interesting chat.

I tried to get them to offer some exclusive promotions for my readers. And guess what… it worked! Yes, my friends, I have two promotional codes for you. Believe me, these are just for you to enjoy! Max VIP exclusivity, just how we like it!

discount 20% dr green
discount 50% dr green

So, you have:

  • Bangkokstoners20: this one gives you a 20% discount on everything in the store (weed, other products, bongs, pipes, etc.).
  • BSmonthly50: with this one, you get a whopping 50% discount on the weed of the month. And mind you, don’t think it’s bad quality weed. On the contrary, it’s all top-notch strains! You’re going to love it!

Just so you know, the promo codes are valid in-store but also for home or hotel delivery. So if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to go out, it still works! Who do we thank for this?

Please remember to consume responsibly to enjoy the high-quality products that Dr Green has to offer.

My honest review (update May 2024)

What makes my cannabis dispensary reviews popular is that I focus only on what’s crucial for 95% of my readers:

  • The quality of the marijuana
  • The prices
  • The staff
  • The delivery services
  • The dispensary’s atmosphere

For Dr Green, no exceptions, I meticulously scrutinized these five points. And the result, unsurprisingly, is more than satisfying.

The Quality of the Marijuana

Before I get into the quality, let me say a word about the selection made by the owners of Dr Green. It is simply perfect. You might think I’m overly praising Dr Green, but seriously, go check it out for yourself…

Every time I visit, there are about twenty strains available, all top-shelf, for all needs and preferences:

  • Sativa strains
  • Indica strains
  • Hybrid strains

It’s also worth mentioning that Dr Green only works with reputable producers like Thailand Danq Squad or French Flair. Yeah, guys, partnerships make a huge difference in my opinion.

And a big plus for selling only weed grown in Thailand, with care and love. Personally, I support the initiative. I’m fed up with the crappy imports from the USA, long live local products. Do you agree with me?

And the quality? I’ve actually already started answering that question. At Dr Green, 90% of the strains are incredible. I’ve tasted them all, so I’m well-placed to talk about it.

Plus, if you take my advice and visit this dispensary, you’ll notice that the strains are stored in a refrigerator like those used for cigars, which offers optimal preservation. Yeah, we’re dealing with pros! So, the weed isn’t dry when you get it in your bag.

Quality selection + perfect preservation = quality weed every day of the year! No surprises, I told you!

My top 3 must-try strains when you visit Dr Green:

  1. Apple Banana: it’s my BWOAT haha, Best Weed Of All Time! Yeah, I make up words!
  2. Gorilla Cookies: with only a 16% THC content, it’s nice to smoke during the day.
  3. Pitaya: a signature from French Flair, this one is mind-blowing! Be careful, it’s not for beginners.

Dr Green has the reputation of having the best weed in Bangkok. No joke, it’s true. So far, I haven’t found better.

Note: It’s important to start gently if you’re a beginner. I have an article on the best weed strains for beginners. If that’s you, read it!

The prices

Regarding prices, here, we are far from the tourist traps scattered all over the city (sorry, I won’t say any name). Personally, when I see a gram of weed priced over 1000 Baht, I’m shocked. Aren’t you?

dr green cannabis shop

At Dr Green, prices range from 150 THB to 800 THB for the most expensive strain. The average is 350 THB, which is super attractive for Bangkok. The last time I went there, they had the SoMango strain, available at… 125 THB per gram… Incredible but true! I bought two grams, smoked them that evening, and I can tell you, I was high AF!

Then, if you have the budget, don’t hesitate to go for the strains over 600 THB. There, you really get the top-notch quality. One joint and you’re blasted to the moon. Honestly, that’s true for all of them, even under 600 THB! But if you’re a fan of exceptional flavors, then you’re going to love it.

For those on a tighter budget, there are cheap, affordable weeds that remain delicious. That’s actually why Dr Green is ranked number one on my Cheap Weed Bangkok page.

And if you like local weed, you can always get Green Crack at 180 THB for 10 grams. That’s what we were smoking ten years ago. Personally, I don’t smoke local anymore, but it’s still very popular among tourists. And at that price, it’s challenging to resist!

Finally, let me mention the interesting discounts that Dr Green offers:

  • 10% off for 5 grams purchased,
  • 20% off for 10 grams purchased,
  • 30% off for 30 grams purchased.

And then you always have the promo codes that work and are exclusive to the Bangkok Stoners Family!

The Staff

budtender dr green

I don’t know about you, but for me, the staff’s welcome is a crucial criterion, hugely important for my experience. If I run into jerks, not nice at all, and who know nothing about cannabis, honestly, even if the strains’ quality is exceptional, I won’t stay. Don’t you think it’s essential to communicate with the budtenders? Well, I do!

What’s remarkable at Dr Green is that all the budtenders speak English fluently. This is clearly a plus, especially when 70% of the clientele is tourists (just an estimate). I’ve been going there so long, I know them all. I have a favorite, yes! Her name is Mel, she’s super friendly, always smiling, and always ready to offer advice. She knows her products well, that’s clear.

And what I particularly like is that she doesn’t try to push the most expensive weed on you. No, she first pays attention to what you want, your “level,” and then she recommends strains that match. That’s customer service!

I need to go off-topic here, sorry. I have to tell you, I can’t stand the classic “Sativa for energy and Indica for sleeping…” Ah, it irritates me. At least at Dr Green, I’ve never heard that, haha!

My advice is not to be shy when you enter the shop. Take the time to speak with the staff, you’ll learn a lot. And if you’re looking for good deals besides cannabis, the budtenders at Dr Green won’t hesitate to help you out as well. For me, it’s a 5/5 for the staff!

The delivery services

I heard Dr. Green offers a very efficient weed delivery service. Ok… However, I believe only what I can verify. So, every time I test a dispensary that offers home delivery, I try the service as soon as I get home, anonymously, of course, to keep the results genuine.

So, I contacted the shop on LINE to request the menu and place an order. I received the menu after two minutes, which is pretty reasonable for an impatient guy like me. I ordered two grams of Mandarin Cookies at 600 bahts per gram. That cost me 1200 bahts less my 20% discount with my BANGKOKSTONERS20 coupon (yes, you can also use it for delivery) = 960 bahts of cannabis, to which I added a few dozen bahts for delivery. It’s really not expensive.

Result: The weed has been delivered exactly 27 minutes after I purchased it on LINE. Can you believe it? I was amazed: 27 minutes! So yes, it works and works well!

The dispensary’s atmosphere

I’ll now address the last point of my review, the atmosphere of the weed shop. As I’ve told you, I lived in the Netherlands for a few years. I’m accustomed to the coffeeshop culture where it’s normal to hang out all afternoon smoking joints, enjoying delicious milkshakes, and playing cards with other customers.

I understand that in Thailand, the vibe is different. Moreover, according to the law, it’s completely forbidden to smoke inside a dispensary. And as a law-abiding dispensary, Dr Green does not deviate from what the government imposes. It’s a pity, but I respect that. But, super news for you…

Before I tell you more, take a look at this video I made during my visit to Dr Green. You can find it on my YouTube channel.

dr green bangkok review youtube

The vibe at Dr Green is seriously chill. I’ve mentioned this before, but first off, you’re greeted by super nice budtenders, and that makes all the difference. As for the decor, yes, it matters too—the shop is gorgeous. I really dig the wooden front with the green neon logo, it’s stylish. And then there’s the cannabis leaf that lights up the whole street at night, it’s incredible. If you love night photography, you’re in for a treat!

When you enter the shop, I recommend buying your weed and then heading upstairs to roll your joint(s). There are couches and a bar overlooking Asok. Watching the Friday afternoon traffic jams is kind of fun. Okay, maybe it’s a stoner thing!

What’s cool about Dr Green is that the shop is open all year round, day and night. Yeah, 24/7, like the 7/11s, haha! Impressive. The other day, I walked by at 5 AM, I promise you there was a line out front! The call of the weed is strong at all hours, haha!

Now, about that exclusive I mentioned at the start of the paragraph. Here it is: Dr Green is opening a premium snack bar just 20 meters from the dispensary. And guess what? You can chill on the terrace and smoke your joints while enjoying homemade burgers. I’ve already had the chance to taste them in a preview. They are as good as the Apple Banana strain if you follow me! There’ll be discounts for Dr Green customers. Big news, right?

Reviews and Reputation

I took a look at the Dr Green Google reviews and there too, it’s unanimous:

Customers all seem to agree, Dr Green is a safe bet, a dispensary that offers incredible weed quality and always top-notch customer service.

My Opinion on Dr Green

I guess it is not surprising if I say Dr Green is the kind of weed shop I like. There, I always find quality products, attractive prices, interesting advice. The place encourages conversation with other customers. What else do you want?

Every time I go, I have a great time. So yes, I’m not afraid to say it: Dr Green is THE BEST WEED SHOP in Bangkok. And I promise you, all my readers who tried it think the same.

So, what do you say? Meet me at Dr Green. Hit me up on LINE, and we can hang out there, no problem, I’m always up for a good smoke session at the Doc’s!

One last thing, go support them on Instagram by clicking this link. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dr Green’s opening hours?

Dr Green Asok is open 24/7, every day! If you need weed in the middle of the night, no worries, text them and they will deliver to your hotel, unless you prefer to go straight to the shop!

Would it be possible to get delivery from Dr Green in Bangkok?

Yes, of course. You can have weed delivered in Bangkok thanks to Dr Green’s service, and you can even get 20% OFF with the coupon code BANGKOKSTONERS20.

Where can I check the weed menu?

You can check the menu on their website, click here! But the best is to go there and see by yourself. Don’t you think it is nice to open the pots and smell all the strains before making your choice? And not to mention that the menu changes quite often.