Coupon Codes

Weed Coupon Codes – Discount for Good Deals

I’m thrilled to announce a new feature on Bangkok Stoners – a dedicated page for exclusive weed coupon codes! These aren’t just random codes; they are your key to unlock fantastic deals and discounts for cannabis purchases from a range of top-tier shops throughout Bangkok. Whether you’re planning to shop in-person or prefer the convenience of home delivery, these codes have got you covered.

Good quality doesn’t always come cheap!

I have personally collaborated with some of the finest cannabis shops, online stores, and delivery services across Bangkok to bring you these exclusive deals. This guide will walk you through the types of coupon codes available, where you can use them, and how to redeem them for maximum savings. So sit back, light up, and read on to discover how you can make your cannabis budget stretch even further.

Exclusive Coupon Codes

As you may know already, I strive to work only with the very best weed dispensaries in Bangkok. You can be sure the following partners are reliable, and will offer you the best cannabis experience ever.


DID YOU KNOW – Bangkok Stoners EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODES are available for all your purchases within the stores but also for home delivery!

Discount Code at Dr Green : 20% and 50% OFF

Unlock unparalleled savings at Dr Green, where our unique partnership brings Bangkok Stoners exclusive access to some of the most enticing cannabis deals in Bangkok. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Dr Green to craft two exceptional offers exclusively for our audience.

Kickstart your cannabis journey with an all-encompassing 20% discount on Dr Green’s entire assortment, ensuring every choice is within reach.

dr green weed shop bangkok

Get 20% OFF on PREMIUM weed (in-store + delivery)


But the excitement doesn’t stop there; each week, Dr Green spotlights a different strain, offering it at an astonishing 50% off, inviting you to discover new favorites at a fraction of the cost.

discount at dr green bangkok
promo code dr green bangkok

PROMO – 🎉 Unlock Massive Savings with BSMONTHLY50! 🎉 Coupon enthusiasts, rejoice! Dr Green Bangkok offers an exclusive 50% discount on a selection of strains just for readers. Enter the world of premium cannabis without the premium price tag. Redeem, relax, and relish!


These specially negotiated deals are our way of ensuring that you have access to premium cannabis products at prices that can’t be found elsewhere, making Dr Green your ultimate destination for discovering quality and value in harmony.

Discount Code at Weed Street : 20% and 50% OFF

Dive into the heart of Bangkok’s cannabis culture with exclusive deals that redefine affordability at Weed Street. As part of our commitment to bringing you the best value in the city, we’ve collaborated closely with Weed Street to secure two unparalleled discount opportunities for our community.

First, embrace the chance to explore Weed Street’s diverse cannabis selection with a generous 20% discount across the board, making every purchase more accessible.

logo weed street

Get 20% OFF on PREMIUM weed


Then, elevate your savings with a weekly highlight — a whopping 50% off on a specially selected strain, carefully chosen to introduce you to new experiences at half the cost.

50% off offer weed street
super promo weed street

These exclusive offers are tailored to ensure that you, our valued followers, can enjoy a premium selection at unbeatable prices, making Weed Street your go-to destination for top-tier cannabis without the premium price tag.

Discount Code at MIAMI : 20% and 50% OFF

At Miami Vice, the allure goes beyond the premium strains and the pulsating nightclub vibes, it’s also about the sweet deals that make luxury affordable.

For the Bangkok Stoners community, the dispensary Miami Vice rolls out the red carpet with two unbeatable discounts. First up, the code BSVICE20 slices 20% off your bill, letting you stock up on your favorites or explore new picks without the pinch.

miami vice bangkok logo rond

Get 20% OFF on PREMIUM weed


Then, there’s the golden ticket, BSVICE50, offering a whopping 50% off on the strain of the month, a deal that turns even the most exclusive buds into a steal.

discount 50% off on weed in bangkok
BSVICE50 for discount at miami vice bangkok

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, these codes unlock a world of savings, making every visit to Miami Vice a celebration of savings and quality.

Discount Code at Choo Choo Hemp Bangkok: 25% OFF

Stretch your dollar further at Choo Choo Hemp with an exclusive coupon code “CHOOCHOO25” that grants a whopping 25% off on your first order. As a token of appreciation for its patrons, Choo Choo Hemp offers this incredible discount to new members of their loyalty program.

Trot down to their store, become a loyalty member (it takes literally 1 minute), and embark on a remarkable cannabis journey while enjoying a hearty discount on your initial haul. It’s a golden opportunity to explore the exquisite range of strains at Choo Choo Hemp without burning a hole in your pocket.

choo choo hemp

Get 25% OFF on your 1st order at the Shop


Discount Code at Best Buds Bangkok: 30% OFF

I’ve got some fantastic news that’s sure to elevate your next cannabis shopping experience. Remember the insightful Best Buds review we did a while back, the incredible dispensary located right here in Bangkok? Well, the generous folks over at Best Buds have extended a special offer exclusively for our community.

In appreciation of your continuous support and to enhance your cannabis journey, Best Buds is offering an exclusive 30% discount to all our readers. Yes, you read that right! Whether you’re looking to try out a new strain or stock up on your favorites, now is the perfect time to explore Best Buds’ extensive collection.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in premium cannabis at an unbeatable price. Happy shopping!

best buds logo

Get 30% OFF on every order at Best Buds


Why Use Cannabis Coupon Codes?

Why should you use cannabis coupon codes? It’s simple. The savings and exclusive deals you can avail of from these codes are immense, and they make purchasing cannabis more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Allow me to share a story from my personal experience. I love exploring different cannabis strains and products, but sometimes, the cost of these high-quality items can start to add up. I wanted to continue enjoying my cannabis experiences without the worry of overspending. This sparked my curiosity about the world of discount codes.

I remember the first time I have negotiated a cannabis coupon code. It was for a local dispensary called Dr Green Bangkok. With that code, I received a 20% discount on my total purchase. I couldn’t believe how much I saved! The strain I wanted was priced at 3000 Bahts for 6 grams, and with my coupon code, it dropped to 2400 Baht. That’s 600 Baht in savings from just a single purchase! It is still available, though.

dr green weed shop bangkok

Get 20% OFF on PREMIUM weed (in-store + delivery)


This experience made me realize the potential benefits of using coupon codes. Over time, I’ve used a multitude of these codes, which have helped me save significantly on my purchases. Whether it was for an exclusive strain, a cannabis-infused edible, or even a home weed delivery order, each coupon code added up to substantial savings. I’ve been able to try new strains and products that I might have previously considered out of my budget, all thanks to these handy coupon codes.

Moreover, these coupon codes don’t just benefit individual users like us. They also support the cannabis businesses we love. By utilizing these codes, we help drive traffic and sales to these establishments, helping them to grow in the process.

Weed discount codes have revolutionized the way I buy cannabis, and I’m confident they can do the same for you. That’s why I’ve taken the initiative to share these benefits with you through Bangkok Stoners. So, why not give them a try? Believe me, your wallet will thank you.

Types of Cannabis Coupon Codes Available

In my years of being part of the cannabis community in Bangkok, as a trusted guide, I’ve come to understand the diverse needs and preferences of cannabis consumers. That’s why I’m excited to share that we offer a wide array of cannabis coupon codes on Bangkok Stoners to meet these various requirements and make your weed buying experience more enjoyable:

  1. Discounts on the Total Purchase: This is one of the most popular types of discounts available. These codes allow you to save a percentage or a specific amount off your total purchase, regardless of what items you choose to buy.
  2. Discounts on Specific Products: These are targeted discounts designed to promote particular products or strains. If you’ve been eyeing that top-shelf strain or the latest cannabis-infused snack, a specific product discount code might just be the perfect opportunity to give it a try.
  3. Buy One, Get One Free: If you love getting more bang for your buck, these codes are for you. Imagine buying your favorite strain and getting another one for free! It’s a fantastic way to maximize your purchase, especially when you’re stocking up.
  4. Free Delivery: These codes are useful for those times when you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home. Just apply the code at checkout, and your purchase will be delivered right to your doorstep at no extra cost.
  5. Seasonal and Promotional Discounts: Keep an eye out for these during special occasions or holidays. These codes can offer significant discounts and are a great way to celebrate and save.

Throughout my journey in the cannabis industry, I’ve built strong relationships with top cannabis suppliers and shops across Thailand, and they trust me to bring these exclusive deals to you. I’ve personally tested each of these coupon types to ensure they provide real value.


SUPER HERO – My mission is to help you get the best quality cannabis products while making sure you get the most out of your spending. So, explore these codes, discover the savings they can offer, and elevate your cannabis experience to a whole new level.

How to Use These Cannabis Coupon Codes

No worries, guys, I understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free experience when it comes to using these coupon codes. That’s why I want to ensure that you know exactly how to use these weed discount codes, no matter where you’re shopping. Here’s a straightforward, step-by-step guide for each platform:

In-Store Purchases:

  1. Choose your preferred products as you normally would.
  2. At the counter, mention the coupon code to the cashier before payment. They will apply the discount to your total bill.

Delivery Services:

  1. Order your cannabis products over the phone or via their LINE platform.
  2. When confirming your order, mention or enter your coupon code.
  3. The discount will be applied to your total bill, reducing the amount you pay upon delivery or through online payment.

Online Shopping:

  1. Browse and add your desired cannabis products to your cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout. Look for a field labeled ‘Apply Coupon,’ ‘Discount Code,’ or something similar.
  3. Enter your coupon code into this field and hit ‘Apply.’
  4. The discount should now be reflected in your total bill.

CONTACT ME – Remember, if you ever encounter any issues or have any questions about using these coupon codes, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help.


Can I use more than one coupon code per order?

Currently, this won’t be possible as we have negotiated only one Bangkok cannabis deal per dispensary. But in the future, why not? Stay tuned.

What happens if my coupon code doesn’t work?

This could be due to various reasons. The best solution is to reach out to me for assistance. You can contact me on my Official LINE account or even on Instagram. I will arrange that for you.

Do the coupon codes expire?

You don’t need to worry about that because if the cannabis coupon codes expire, I would remove them from my website. So consider available everything you find here.

Can I use a coupon code with other ongoing store promotions?

This will depend on the specific terms and conditions of the store promotion. Some stores allow stacking of deals, while others may not.

Are there restrictions on what items I can purchase using a coupon code?

This will depend on the specific coupon code. Some codes may only apply to certain products or categories, while others may apply to any item in the store.

Can I use a coupon code for home delivery orders?

Yes, most of our codes can be used for both in-store and home delivery orders, unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions.

How frequently are new coupon codes added to the site?

New coupon codes are added regularly to provide ongoing opportunities for savings. Subscribe to our updates for the latest information.