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If “quality weed” and “warm welcome” are your two main criteria for choosing a cannabis dispensary, no doubt today’s review will please you. I invite you to visit Best Buds Bangkok, one of my favorite spots in the Thai capital.

Best Buds lives up to its name, trust me!

As usual, I offer you an in-depth analysis of this dispensary. The environment, the weed, the staff, it’s all here. And believe me, Best Buds could soon become one of your favorite blinds too.

best buds weed dispensary outside
NAME Best Buds
MAIN ADDRESS 212/33 3rd Fl, Korean Town, Suk Chai Alley, Klongton Nue, Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
OPENING HOURS 10:00AM to 02:00AM

Why Visit Best Buds Bangkok?

  1. The incredible customer service.
  2. The outdoor space, which I found really chill.
  3. The pool table in the middle of the dispensary.

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The Dispensary Best Buds

I discovered Best Buds on social networks. I immediately had the feeling that it could be part of my Top 10 best cannabis dispensaries in Bangkok. I always told myself that when I had a few hours to spare, I’d drop in. This Saturday, I did just that.


Super motivated, I left my house and headed for Sukhumvit 12. To get there, I take the BTS. I stop at ASOK station. According to Google Maps, I still have four minutes to walk to get to Sukhumvit Plaza. Absolutely right.


TAXI – If you decide to go by cab, ask your driver to drop you off at “Korean Town”. That’s what Sukhumvit Plaza is also called, because of the many Korean shops in the building.

Once in Korean Town, I head up to the 3rd floor. This is where Best Buds is located. I can’t miss it. In fact, in front of the dispensary, there is a British phone booth with a Best Buds logo. I love the style!


best buds pool table
The dispensary is really cool at Best Buds

Before entering the shop, I take a look at the two outdoor areas. They’re both charming. Is smoking allowed? That’s a question I’ll ask the manager. I take a photo or two. I’ve already got a good feeling.

I open the door and enter. I discover a space that’s not massive, but rather pretty. I immediately notice the weed counter on my left. On my right, there’s a wall with educational frames. There are also shelves with objects such as pipes, bongs and t-shirts bearing the shop’s logo.

And then in front of me stands the pool table. There’s lots to look at, lots to read, neon lights everywhere. I just love it!

I’m greeted by Pai, one of Best Buds’ managers, and a smiling budtender. Their English is perfect. They soon strike up a conversation and ask how I’m doing. I return the question and ask: “May I take some photos?”. Pai agrees and offers to show me around the dispensary. I obviously accept.

There’s the space I’ve described, but behind the toilets lies another, much more interesting area. Pai explains that he and his partner have decided to break down the toilet wall to offer customers a second relaxation area, open until 02:00am, where they can unwind, listen to music, watch films, play board games and so on.

There’s even a slightly more intimate corner for lovers, which closes with a curtain. It’s really very stylish. The setting makes you want to spend time here.

The Weed at Best Buds

With Pai, I make my way to the counter, where the small displays each contain a large bud of cannabis. What am I in the mood for today?

Strains’ Selection

best buds weed store menu
The menu is changing regularly

The weed selection consists of 11 strains. It’s different from the one shown on the menu downloaded from LINE.

Pai tells me that the menu is bound to change regularly, depending on the production of the farms with which Best Buds collaborates. But one thing’s for sure: the menu never exceeds 12 strains. Personally, I think that’s pretty smart. Overly extensive weed menus often scare me (as they do in restaurants, by the way).

Best Buds offers:

  • Sativa strains,
  • Indica strains,
  • Hybrid strains.

THAI ONLY – Please note that at Best Buds, you’ll only find Thai grow. No imports here.

Some strains are already making me salivate, like Spitz and Oreoz. I’m discovering strains I haven’t yet had the chance to try, like Bananium and Planet of Grape. It’s these two strains that I’ve set my sights on. I buy a gram of each.

I find the selection well-balanced, with strains offering THC levels ranging from 21% to 33%. This will delight aficionados and beginners alike, frequently looking for less potent cannabis. I note that there’s even CBD available for those who like it.

Quality of Products

weed at microscope at best buds
Check your weed with the microscope

The budtender prepares my order. He suggests I put my weed in a long-life box. I laugh and tell him that with me, weed never lasts very long, but that I’d like to see the demonstration.

Indeed, Best Buds has a machine that allows you to add nitrogen to a box and freeze it immediately afterward, to maximize shelf life. A free and interesting option for those who travel.

I pick up my gram of Bananium and my gram of Planet of Grape. It’s the latter that I decide to test immediately. I take the buds out of the bag. They’re really nice, well-stocked, the weed smells great and is mellow like I like it. Pai confirms that this is an excellent choice. This strain is exclusive to Best Buds. The farm the shop works with reserves the right to sell it.

I use the center table (which, by the way, is shaped like a surfboard) for rolling a joint. It has everything I need:

  • A well-cleaned grinder,
  • Rolling papers,
  • Filters.

I love it when the shop supplies weed accessories. It’s the least it can do.

Once rolled, I go outside, sit on a deckchair and light my joint. First puff. I immediately get this strong, delicious taste in my mouth. I like this strain. Three quarters of the way through the joint, I’m clearly stoned. The 35% THC is taking effect.

Out of greed, I roll myself a little joint of Bananium. What a pleasure, I immediately feel the vanilla aroma I love so much. I smoke a few puffs, then share it with another customer who has joined me outside.

VERDICT – I didn’t have the opportunity to taste all the Best Buds strains during my first visit. But I did take the time to observe them. And believe me, the quality is there.

Pricing and Value

best buds weed experience
I have tested the Planet of Grape first

When it comes to pricing, Best Buds keeps things simple, offering three ranges:

  • 450 THB for the entry-level range, which includes Planet of Grape (beware, this is high-quality weed),
  • 650 THB for the ++ range,
  • 750 THB for premium weed.

I like the idea, but I wonder where the more affordable weeds are in terms of price. These days, let’s face it, not everyone can afford a gram at 450 THB, even if we’re a long way from the “tourist-grabbing” shops with their strains at over 1000 baht a gram.

Pai confirms that he and his partner have thought of customers with a little less budget, offering preferential rates depending on the quantity purchased:

  • Between 10% and 15% discount as soon as the customer buys 3.5 grams,
  • Free joints,
  • Seasonal offers,
  • A super-attractive membership.

When all this is put together, the price drops and becomes attractive. In my opinion, up to 700 THB a gram is affordable, bearing in mind that the quality of cannabis in Bangkok is insane, sometimes better than in Amsterdam (which is a benchmark for me, having lived there).

So to sum up, Best Buds offers:

  • A great selection of strains,
  • Premium weed,
  • Affordable prices, accompanied by interesting promotions.

In short, Best Buds is what I call a “safe bet” weed shop.

The Staff at Best Buds

best buds staff
I swear he is a really smiling person

The staff at Best Buds is 100% Thai. It’s made up of :

  • Ploy,
  • Lit,
  • Bas,
  • Jern.

If you’re lucky enough to have the manager around when you drop in, take the time to have a chat with him. He’s an interesting man, with an impeccable culture about cannabis in Thailand. Pai even took the time to set up the shop’s microscope, which customers can use free of charge. Too good. It’s the first time I’ve experienced it. I can see the trichomes, it’s crazy.

In any case, I congratulate him, his shop is really top-notch, and his team seems great, if I’m to believe the many comments I read before my visit. I’d like to thank him for pointing me in the direction of a budget weed like Planet of Grape, rather than forcing me to buy a more expensive weed. I find it appealing to introduce customers to the shop’s exclusive weed.


FACT – Pai confirms that customer satisfaction is at the heart of Best Buds’ strategy. Best Buds isn’t just about selling weed. The team wants to create a loyal community around the shop. I really like this mindset.

Additional Services

If Pai is anything to go by, the Best Buds team has big ambitions. To stand out from the crowd, Best Buds offers additional services.


best buds weed shop
Imagine yourself playing a game, while being high

When you come to Best Buds, it’s obviously to buy weed, but that’s not all. As I’ve already mentioned, there’s a pool table available to all customers. What better way to socialize with other customers than by playing pool?

But that’s not all, at Best Buds, there’s also an ultra-fun arcade with all the best games of my youth available free of charge.

Clearly, I could spend hours there, a little high.

Weed Delivery

Like any self-respecting dispensary today, Best Buds offers home delivery of weed. To take advantage of this service, simply :

  1. Contact the Best Buds staff on LINE.
  2. Choose the weed you want according to your desires.
  3. Provide a delivery address.
  4. Select a payment method (Cash or Bank Transfer).
  5. Wait patiently for the weed.

BY MAIL – Pai confirmed this when I visited the shop:

  • For delivery in Bangkok, this takes place within the hour following the order.
  • For delivery elsewhere in Thailand, delivery is by post and takes around two to three days, which is still reasonable (if you plan ahead).

A few days after my visit to the shop, I asked a friend of mine who lives near Praram 9 hospital to place an order. The delivery man was downstairs 49 minutes after my friend placed his order. More than reasonable delivery time.

Loyalty Program

I wasn’t able to gather much information about the loyalty program offered by Best Buds on their website. I’m with the manager, so I take the opportunity to ask him for more details. He’s happy to answer.

Any customer who wants to can sign up for the loyalty program. Just ask the staff. You’ll then receive a loyalty card to be stamped every time you make a purchase at the dispensary. After 10 stamps, Best Buds will give you vouchers for shops in the Korean Town building.


SPEND YOUR VOUCHERS – For example, you can go for a 30-minute massage in one of the building’s massage parlors, you can enjoy a delicious dinner in a Korean restaurant, and many other options.

Pai explains that he and his partner are behind this promotional initiative, which aims to give the shopping center a new lease of life. I think it’s a great idea. That’s why I encourage you, my favorite readers, to use this loyalty program and bring Sukhumvit Plaza back to life!

Social Events

best buds weed store
The surf table always here to roll your joints

Events that bring loyal customers together have already taken place at Best Buds. In fact, the team is planning to mark Christmas with a party that promises to be incredible. Pai doesn’t want to tell me more, he wants to keep it a surprise, and he’s right.

On the social front, Best Buds is doing all it can to build the community that the founders hold so dear. Stay tuned to my site, and I’ll be sure to share all the social events organized by the store.

Reviews and Reputation

I like to look at shops’ profiles on Google Maps. I can spend hours reading what customers think of the shop.

In the case of Best Buds, I wasn’t disappointed. Indeed, all the reviews are positive, and even more, they all have five stars, the maximum rating:

  • 61 registered reviews
  • 5 stars every time

This means that the Best Buds customers who took the time to write a review were all won over by the store’s services. And so was I!

My Opinion on Best Buds

best buds
Did I tell you they have merch as well?

Best Buds is a weed dispensary that I recommend for the simple reason that I liked it. That’s something, isn’t it?

I really liked the management’s mindset, that the customer is ultimately the most important thing, and that Best Buds is built around him. I think that’s essential.

I was also satisfied with the weed. I would have liked to see prices around 200 THB per gram to meet the demand that exists in Bangkok. But apart from that, it’s the whole shop and its services that I really loved, from the friendliness of the staff to the quality of the weed. Once again, if you are wondering where to buy weed in Bangkok, and want more than a simple shop, I recommend Best Buds!

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