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Four Twenty DISPENSARY – Review 2024



I dream of a place where culture, weed, and fun intersect. What? I don’t need to dream anymore? No, because this place exists and it’s called Four Twenty Dispensary.

Four Twenty, the most cozy weed dispensary ever in Bangkok!

Today, I’d like to offer you a full review of the Four Twenty “High Garden” weed dispensary. I was lucky enough to visit for a whole evening, and I can tell you that I came away… in a funny condition! Ready for my feedback? Let’s get to it!

four twenty dispensary
NAME Four Twenty High Garden
MAIN ADDRESS 32/9 ถนน สุขุมวิท 21 Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
OPENING HOURS 10:00AM to 01:00AM every day except on Friday and Saturday 10:00AM to 02:00AM

The Dispensary

Like Dr Green Bangkok, Four Twenty has several dispensaries, two at the moment. This review focuses on the shop near Asok, known as Four Twenty “High Garden”.


To get to Four Twenty weed shop, I had to walk between 5 and 10 minutes from the BTS Asok exit. Needless to say, the place is super accessible.

When I arrived in front of the dispensary, I realized that the place was actually made up of:

  • A dispensary where you can buy weed,
  • A hotel that looked really cool to me,
  • A really exceptional rooftop bar (where it’s perfectly possible to smoke cannabis).

So, here we have a complex that brings together three activities directly linked to tourism and entertainment. The concept is good, I love it already!


weed pots at four twenty dispensary
Weed pots at Four Twenty Dispensary!

I entered the dispensary first. Four Twenty is getting a lot of buzz on social networks like Instagram, so I wanted to see it for myself.

It’s true, the shop is pretty, well laid out with a large central table on which the pots of weed sit. Here, you have access to all the pots and can open them without any problem. I like the concept, but I’m afraid that over time, the fragrance of each flower will fade, leaving only a faint smell in the pots. This is unfortunately the situation at Four Twenty.

In the shop, you’ll find other products such as t-shirts, pipes, bongs, grinders, and a lot of other cool stuff.

After choosing my weed (I’ll tell you about it in the next paragraph), I headed up to the rooftop. I passed by the hotel, which I have not visited entirely, but which looks really chill. It’s a bit hostel-style, with a young clientele who seem to mix socially in a very natural way. I love the atmosphere.


DECO TIME – There are even cannabis plants here and there. Atmosphere-wise, it’s top-notch!

I finally got to the rooftop and the atmosphere was just perfect, really. The rooftop must be about 40 square meters, neither too small nor too big. There’s a bar with very friendly waiters, tables, seats, and cushions for chilling out, it’s very comfortable. There was a live musician when I was there, and a huge white wall projecting an almost psychedelic video. The rooftop and the whole complex are really well decorated and very Instagrammable.

The Weed at Four Twenty Dispensary

I’ve already started talking about it above. Here, it’s not a 5/5, it’s more like a 4,8/5, sorry, but we’re almost there.

Strains’ Selection

four twenty weed
Time to roll a joint at Four Twenty.

In terms of varieties, I don’t have much to say. Indeed, on the central table, there were about twenty cannabis pots laid out, freely accessible, under the supervision of the staff, of course.

As in most of the best weed dispensaries in Bangkok, I found a selection of great marijuana, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid too. I like a well-balanced selection and this is it.

I found strains I hadn’t seen elsewhere, which, I think, is a good thing.

Quality of Products

As I mentioned above, the area for improvement in this dispensary is access to weed. I hear it’s cool to let customers open jars, as smell is one of the most important criteria for many cannabis smokers.

But the problem here is that the fragrance of each variety tends to fade quickly, and as a result, I’ve psychologically told myself that some weed strains must not be excellent. I’m undoubtedly wrong.

For my part, I tried Orange Cookies, which was the recommended weed at the time of my visit. It was also the most expensive, 800 baht a gram. When I opened the pouch, the smell was much stronger than in the jar. Placed on the rooftop, I made myself a massive joint, lit it and enjoyed it. The taste was fascinating, and the effect was immediate.

Other friends took other weed strains. The conclusion is the same: weed is good at Four Twenty.


PURCHASE – With my friends we bought several strains at Four Twenty Dispensary. Honestly, we got REALLY HIGH! The quality was good!

Pricing and Value

I immediately understood who the target was tourists mainly, and no doubt locals with a bit of means. Indeed, you won’t find any variety below 400 baht per gram. The average price is closer to 600 baht per gram.

Given the quality of the weed, I think it’s worth it, as the prices are in line with the market. Four Twenty is even rather reasonable compared with other shops whose names I won’t mention.

But what’s interesting about Four Twenty Dispensary is the prices when you buy in bulk. If you like a strain, why not buy 28 grams at once, and benefit from preferential prices.

Here’s an example:

  • 1 range of Blue Berry = 600 baht
  • 28 ranges of Blue Berry = 10,000 baht, i.e., a saving of 6,800 baht on the price per gram.

It’s a great deal, don’t you think? It provides you with access to premium weed at really affordable prices. Well done Four Twenty for proposing options to buy cheap weed in Bangkok!

The Platinum Membership

Sukhumvit Road by night

If you are a regular customer at Four Twenty Dispensary, no doubt, you need to purchase your Platinum Membership. It cost only 7,000 bahts and thanks to it, you can get:

  • 15% discount on every purchase
  • 5g of weed upfront and 5g of weed on your birthday
  • 4,500 THB vouchers at High Garden Rooftop
  • Free Four Twenty essentials (valued at 5,000 bahts)
  • Free entrance at Four Twenty events
  • Extended happy hour at High Garden (15:00 – 21:00)

That sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

The Staff at Four Twenty Bangkok

four twenty dispensary - sukhumvit 22
This is the staff from the Sukhumvit weed shop.

Here, I’m going to differentiate between the dispensary staff who have to advise on weed and the rooftop staff who are there to serve the drinks.

Let’s start with the budtenders. I’ll be honest with you, always: I’m not convinced that the two ladies who served me were super skilled when it came to weed. I had more the impression of having to deal with classic saleswomen who brought out, in their speech, some very poorly mastered theoretical elements. I asked for some information about strains, in particular their crosses, provenance, etc., and everything was vague. I understood that this was not the place to have a technical discussion about cannabis in Bangkok. Apart from that, they were very friendly and patient.

As for the staff at the rooftop bar, I have nothing to say. We were a group of 5 to 7 people. The manager placed us at a conveniently located table, so we were comfortably seated. Then, when we ordered the drinks, it was a little trickier, we had to go over it twice, but in the end, nothing problematic. We took our time, smoked and were happy.

To conclude on the staff, I think they’re all smiling and pleasant, and that’s essential, especially for a place that’s going to welcome a maximum number of tourists, that’s for sure.

Additional Services

With Four Twenty Dispensary, I think we’re just at the beginning of the adventure. The management seems really committed to the project, and already has a few surprises in store for us.

Weed Delivery

four twenty bangkok party
Come to party at Four Twenty!

Obviously, weed delivery service is something Four Twenty provides.

As you may know already, I always test these kinds of services to be certain my readers will get the best of it. So, a few days after my first visit, I have selected two strains and requested the delivery through the LINE ACCOUNT. Believe me, I have been really satisfied.

Firstly, the staff who answered me on LINE was really nice, really helpful. Then, he/she advised me on what to take, and promised me my weed would be delivered in less than 2 hours.


RESULT – I was delivered in exactly 36 minutes. So, I can totally say Four Twenty Dispensary holds its promises! Well done guys!

Social Events

Four Twenty has a strong presence on social networks. I recommend you follow their Instagram account, so you don’t miss out on any news from the two weed shops.

The best thing about a rooftop like Four Twenty’s is the possibility of organizing events, and believe me, the group is not going to miss out. You can already find a whole host of events, such as Lady’s Night on Thursdays.

Four Twenty Dispensary also organizes some Deep House parties and other nights you don’t want to miss out. Once again, follow them on Facebook to be aware of all their events.

Cultural events

It’s still early days at Four Twenty, but already the dispensary is starting to organize concerts, movie nights and the like. I have no doubt that Four Twenty is investing heavily in cultural events. This rooftop can truly become a meeting place for locals, tourists, and culture.

Reviews and Reputation

You only have to look at the user reviews to see that Four Twenty is appreciated:

  • 5/5 for Four Twenty High Garden,
  • 5/5 for Four Twenty Sukhumvit.

That is what I call a perfect score, ah ah ah!

My Opinion on Four Twenty

four twenty dispensary asoke
Let’s have fun at Four Twenty!

If I had to recommend a specific place to consume cannabis quietly in Bangkok, undoubtedly, Four Twenty Dispensary is the one I’d tell you to go to.

This place represents everything I love: a modern, pretty, well-decorated, chill place where I can enjoy a good beer on a great rooftop, while smoking a joint of delicious weed bought from the group’s dispensary.

The only immediate point of improvement I can think of would be more training for the budtenders to advise both amateur customers and the more “connoisseur” ones.


Which Four Twenty dispensary should I choose?

It’s hard for me to give an objective answer, as I’ve only visited High Garden so far, but if you want to enjoy a top-notch rooftop, then go for High Garden.

How do I get to the Four Twenty rooftop?

When you’re opposite the dispensary, look to your right. You’ll find the door leading to the hotel. Hop in, and in a few minutes, you’ll be thanking me!

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