Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze Weed Strain: A Comprehensive Review

Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular sativa strains, known for its uplifting and energetic effects. As a cannabis connoisseur and content writer for, I’m excited to provide an in-depth review of this classic strain.

Amnesia Haze: For soaring creativity and euphoria

Keep reading to learn about the origins, effects, recommended activities, grow difficulty, and alternatives for Amnesia Haze.

weed amnesia haze
NAME Amnesia Haze
TYPE Sativa dominant
THC LEVEL 22% to 24%
EFFECTS Uplifted, Happy, Creativity
TERPENES Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene
TO FIND Super easy

Do we like the Amnesia Haze strain?

Absolutely! As a sativa lover, Amnesia Haze is one of my all-time favorites. The cerebral, euphoric high is perfect for creative projects or social activities. The zesty citrus and earthy flavors also make for an enjoyable smoke. While the potency can be intense for some, I find Amnesia Haze to be an ideal daytime strain.

Origins of the weed strain Amnesia Haze

The legendary sativa strain Amnesia Haze has an intriguing origin story rooted in the cannabis breeding scene of the 1980s. It was originally bred by an Amsterdam-based seed bank working to combine land race sativa from different parts of the world. Their goal was to create a sativa-dominant hybrid that preserved the psychedelic effects of pure sativa while also boosting yield and potency.

The main building blocks of Amnesia Haze include genetics from several hazy cultivars: a Jamaican Haze sativa, Thai Haze, and Cambodian Haze. Some speculate that a South Asian sativa like Laotian, Malawi, or Vietnamese Haze may also be in its lineage. These land race strains trace back to regions where sativa grows wild and tall. They offer that pure, soaring cerebral high that made sativa famous.

By expertly crossing these genetics, breeders selected Amnesia Haze for its uniquely uplifting, creative effects along with a penetrating aroma. After winning the overall Cannabis Cup in 2004, Amnesia Haze cemented itself as the premier Haze variety – one that has influenced countless breeders and delighted cannabis connoisseurs for decades since its origins.

Effects when you smoke this cannabis flower

Lighting up Amnesia Haze treats you to an instantly euphoric head high perfect for chasing away stress. Within moments, your mind will launch into overdrive, filled with racing thoughts and enhanced creativity. This makes it a great strain for artistic projects, as ideas and inspiration will flow freely.

The energy rush also makes Amnesia Haze ideal for social situations – you’ll feel more outgoing and conversational around others. Everything becomes more interesting and engaging. The senses feel amplified too – music sounds better, food tastes more flavorful, and colors appear more vibrant. As the soaring mental stimulation kicks in, you may perceive time and space differently, feeling mentally untethered in a psychedelic headspace.

While the powerful effects can cause anxiety in excess, Amnesia Haze generally induces happiness and laughter when enjoyed in moderation. Just be sure to schedule extra time for the long-lasting high, which can endure 3 to 4 hours before tapering off into a mellow, clear-headed comedown. This makes Amnesia Haze better suited for daytime than evening use.

Activities we recommend with the Amnesia Haze weed

Amnesia Haze is the perfect companion for creative endeavors like writing, painting, or playing music. The mental clarity and focus also make it ideal for work requiring critical thinking skills. Outdoor activities like hiking, bike rides, and even light exercise pair well with this energizing strain.

Amnesia Haze can also enhance social activities like parties, concerts, or chatting with friends. However, the tendency for introspection means low-key gatherings are likely more enjoyable than crowded, hectic environments.

Is the Amnesia Haze strain difficult to grow?

Here’s an expanded 150-word paragraph on the difficulty of growing Amnesia Haze:

While Amnesia Haze isn’t the easiest strain for novice growers, it’s certainly manageable for experienced cannabis cultivators. As a tall, lanky sativa, Amnesia Haze needs more space than compact indica plants. Here are two pieces of my advice:

  • Outdoors, it thrives in warm, equatorial climates with grow seasons exceeding 75 days.
  • Indoors, use large pots and utilize training techniques like topping and trellising to control its height while maximizing yields.

Amnesia Haze responds well to hydroponics since it allows precise control over nutrients and the environment. Either way, maintain relatively low humidity levels around 50% to prevent mold or bud rot. Amnesia Haze has higher nutrient demands than some sativa – feed it regularly with a high-nitrogen fertilizer during the vegetative stage, transitioning to more phosphorus and potassium in flowering. While it has moderate resistance to pests and powdery mildew, keep a close watch since its dense buds are susceptible.

With adequate spacing, training, and optimal growing conditions, Amnesia Haze generously rewards diligent growers with sky-high yields of 20 ounces or more per plant. The sublime flavor and cerebral effects make this top-shelf sativa well worth the extra effort.


MY TIPS – Learn how to grow your weed before you just launch your first try. It can be time and money consuming if you don’t proceed well.

Alternative to the weed variety Amnesia Haze

Some excellent alternatives to Amnesia Haze include:

  • Durban Poison: Another pure sativa known for its energetic, mood-lifting effects.
  • Strawberry Cough: A tasty sativa-dominant hybrid with a similarly invigorating head high. 
  • Jack Herer: This stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid shares uplifting, creative effects.
  • Super Lemon Haze: For citrus flavor lovers, this zesty sativa induces a focused, productive high.