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Top Weed Magazines You Should Read

As the legalization of cannabis becomes more widespread, there has been a surge in the volume of information available on the subject. One great way to stay informed is through cannabis magazines. In addition to providing tips and tricks for cultivation, these publications discuss the latest news in cannabis culture, business, and policy.

This article will review some of the best weed magazines on the market today, from staple pieces like High Times to newer additions like Cannabis Now.

A Deep Dive into High Times: An Iconic Publication

Founded in 1974, High Times is considered one of the world’s leading cannabis magazines. Its longevity can be attributed to its dedication to educating readers about marijuana cultivation, cutting-edge technology, and legal developments related to the plant. The magazine is also known for its highly influential cannabis competitions and festivals, including the famed High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cultivation Tips and Expert Insights

One of the biggest draws to High Times is its focus on marijuana growing techniques. Experienced cultivators and beginners alike are provided with in-depth knowledge on topics such as cloning, pruning, nutrient management, pest control, and harvesting processes.

With expert insight and practical advice, this magazine can help any grower maximize their yields. Plus, you’ll find mind-blowing images of breathtaking cannabis plants in every issue.

In addition to growth strategies, High Times keeps readers in the loop regarding worldwide legalization efforts, cannabis medical research advances, and notable industry achievements.

Replete with interviews from prominent activists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, this publication offers first-hand accounts of those shaping the global marijuana landscape.

Freedom Leaf: A Fresh Voice for Advocacy and Education

Freedom Leaf emerged on the scene in 2014, rapidly garnering attention and support from cannabis activists. The publication serves as a resource for readers interested in learning more about cannabis culture, policy reform, and breaking news. Freedom Leaf stands out by offering free digital issues—allowing supporters to easily access valuable content and share stories with newcomers.

Cannabis Communities Unite

By partnering with prominent organizations like NORML, Women Grow, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and Marijuana Business Association, Freedom Leaf amplifies important messages and updates from seemingly disparate communities with a shared interest in marijuana normalization.

This collaborative spirit extends to its thought-provoking feature articles spotlighting small growers, patients, scientists, and advocates from various demographic groups.

Freedom Leaf stays current with the latest consumer products and trends. From innovative weed accessories and devices to new means of consumption, this magazine explores the expanding market alongside consumers.

It also devotes considerable space to emerging resources for medical cannabis patients, including dosage guides, strain-specific recommendations, and scientific research developments.

Cannabis Now: The New Kid on the Block Making Waves

Established in 2013, Cannabis Now is a relative newcomer to the weed magazine roster. However, it has quickly become known as a reputable source of information due to the high quality of its creative content. Besides compiling compelling articles concerning the different aspects of cannabis, the magazine boasts stunning visuals and an attractive layout for maximum reader experience.

Strain Spotlights and Reviews

A unique niche tackled by Cannabis Now is the thorough evaluation of cannabis strains. Although other magazines touch on this subject, very few offer in-depth reviews that assess both growing properties and recreational effects. This aspect maintains its relevance for dispensary customers, at-home cultivators, and medical patients alike.

Industry and Lifestyle Perspectives

Cannabis Now incorporates a balanced mix of lifestyle- and industry-focused articles to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the marijuana business. Not only are you acquainted with legalization updates, but also introduced to burgeoning small businesses, amazing cannabis dispensaries, eco-friendly products, and cannabis tourism hotspots.

The end result is a compelling publication that offers something for everyone, from novice enthusiasts to seasoned connoisseurs.

Honorable Mentions: Other Weed Magazines to Consider

  1. DOPE Magazine: With an acronym standing for Defending Our Plant Everywhere, DOPE Magazine has been publishing insightful articles since 2011, offering a rich source of content related to cannabis culture, politics, and trends.
  2. Sensi: Recognized as the “new normal” in weed magazines, Sensi targets mainstream audiences interested in the evolution of cannabis consumption.
  3. Marijuana Venture: Focused on entrepreneurs and investors, Marijuana Venture provides critical information regarding the operations and growth of marijuana-related businesses.
  4. Green Entrepreneur: An offshoot of Entrepreneur magazine, Green Entrepreneur dives into the unique challenges and opportunities associated with entering the rapidly expanding cannabis market.

Whether your affinity falls within the realms of cultivation, law commentary, or cultural thought pieces, these top cannabis magazines offer comprehensive knowledge from various angles.

So grab a copy, kick back, and indulge in informative reads coupled with mesmerizing visuals—whether you’re a curious beginner or lifelong devotee, there’s always more to learn in the world of weed magazines.

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