How To

How to use a weed pipe?

Max, your cannabis expert in Bangkok, reveals his tips and tricks to make the most of your experience with your cannabis pipe, and gives you tips to choose the right one.

How to start a weed farm in Thailand?

cannabis farm thailand

Explore our step-by-step guide on starting a successful cannabis farm in Thailand, covering legal procedures, strain selection, essential equipment, and so on.

How to make cannabis butter?

how to make cannabis butter

Embark on a culinary adventure with the art of making cannabis butter, a cornerstone ingredient for those looking to infuse their cooking with a touch of creativity.

How to rehydrate weed?

how to rehydrate your weed

Revive your dry cannabis buds to their prime state. Uncover effective methods to rehydrate weed ensuring a smoother smoke and better flavor. Your guide to rejuvenation.