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Greenhead Clinic – DISPENSARY Review 2024


Khaosan Road

For some time now, as I travel around Thailand, I’ve been seeing a brand of dispensaries spring up everywhere: Greenhead Clinic. Until today, I’d never taken the time to stop in. Is that a pity? That’s what I’m going to confirm with you today, as I’ve finally visited one of the group’s weed stores, of which there are now 20 throughout Thailand, as indicated on its website.

Greenhead Clinic: you might see them everywhere!

Find out with me the full Greenhead Clinic review, to find out if these dispensaries are worth your visit. Again, this is just my opinion, of course!

greenhead clinic
NAME Greenhead Clinic
MAIN ADDRESS 149 Thanon Tanao, Wat Bowon Niwet, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
OPENING HOURS 12:00PM to 01:00PM every day (Kaohsan Branch)

The Dispensary

Among all the criteria that count for me in my analysis, there’s, of course, the shop itself, and the atmosphere I find there. Yes, we often go to a place for the way it makes us feel, don’t you think?


As I said in the introduction, Greenhead Clinic is a solid player in the Thai cannabis industry. Since cannabis legislation changed in the country, the group has opened twenty weed dispensaries, some of which are among the best weed shops in Bangkok. Here are the most important ones:

  • Greenhead Clinic China Town Bangkok branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Khaosan Road branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Silom branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Phuket Town branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Kamala branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Nai Harn branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Rawai branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Kata branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Patong branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Chalong
  • Greenhead Clinic Lamai branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Chaweng branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Hinkong branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Chaloklum branch
  • Greenhead Clinic Aonang branch

Impressive, isn’t it? To be totally honest with you, when I wanted to try Greenhead’s services, I first went to the weed shop in China Town, Bangkok. I went there on a Monday afternoon around 01:00pm. When I arrived at the address, the shop was closed. According to Google Maps, it’s supposed to be open. No reason was given, either on the website or on the shopfront. I must admit, I was a bit frustrated! It’s a real shame, as the shop looks massive and, from the pictures, pretty.

But I’m not discouraged and headed for the shop on Khaosan Road. At the same time, I told myself that it would not a bad thing, as I know that many of my readers are tourists and almost all of them pass through this famous Bangkok street (are you? Say so in the comments.).

The shop is located just before the entrance to the street at Thanon Tanao side, on the opposite sidewalk. It’s quite visible, thanks to its big “Greenhead Clinic” sign. Here I go, into the shop!


greenhead clinic weed dispensary
Greenhead Clinic in Bangkok

As in seemingly all Greenhead Clinic dispensaries, the style is fairly uncluttered, with smoking flowers on one side and other products such as CBD creams on the other. I’ll come back to that later in this review.

The shop is cute, and I noticed right away that there are quite a few strains available. The first negative point, in my opinion, is that the flowers are not visible. They’re stored in little pots, which are pretty, but not very practical.

Why is this? The reason is simple. Before buying a strain, I like to:

  1. Look at it
  2. Smell it
  3. Touch it

And to do all this in this shop, I have to unscrew all the jars one by one because they’re black and opaque, in other words, they don’t let me see the buds. I find it less simple than a simple pot to uncork.

The second thing I don’t like about this dispensary is the counter, which is really sidelined by this huge plastic window, a reminder of the COVID-19. I find it cuts the communication I like to have with the budtenders when they prepare my order.

And for those of you who think this is important, I’d like to make it clear right away that smoking is not permitted in the establishment, as the law currently stipulates.


NOT A BIG DEAL – There is no smoking room. At the same time, it’s not really a problem – I’ve noticed that outside on Khaosan Road, people don’t mind smoking.

The Weed at Greenhead Clinic

Well, now to the subject you’ve all been waiting for: the quality of the weed! Admit it, that’s what’s on your mind, isn’t it?

Strains’ Selection

greenhead clinic weed
Sweet bag at Greenhead Clinic

When I visited the Greenhead Clinic on Khaosan Road, there were 23 strains available:

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Hybrid

I think that’s perfect in terms of numbers. It’s enough to give consumers a chance to find what they’re looking for, without losing them in an overly extensive weed menu.

Yes, except in a few weed stores where I know the selection is very rigorous, I don’t like menus that are too developed. I’m always afraid I’ll come across a weed that’s too dry, that’s on the menu but doesn’t sell.

I’m very surprised to see strains that I hardly see anywhere, such as Mochi, Kilimanjaro or Tutankhamon. Apart from the opaque black pot, I like the presentation of the strains. For each one, there’s an ID sheet with :

  • THC percentage
  • Percentage of CBD
  • Expected effects
  • The different flavours

It’s a good idea to take a photo of it, and then compare this information with how you feel when you consume the flower.

Quality of Products

I took a good look at all the cannabis flowers on sale and for the most part, they seemed to be top-notch: not too dry even in these pots, incredible fragrances, perfect consistencies, mellow but not too mellow. I just loved them!

Talking to one of the Greenhead Clinic managers, I learned that the group pays particular attention to the provenance of its products. Greenhead’s policy is simple: to focus exclusively on flowers produced in Thailand and not to promote products imported from the United States of America, a practice which is totally illegal, I remind you.


PURCHASE – I bought a variety that intrigues me, Flo-See, also known as DJ Short Flo. I loved the smell, it really appealed to me. I got a gram, prepared behind the counter and, because of the glass I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t see the budtender weigh. Too bad.


LIVE UPDATE – I am smoking, right now, the Greenhead Clinic’s Flo-See. Unsurprisingly, the weed is good, the strong taste is delicious. There are those strong terpenes, that spicy taste I like so much. I started by testing the weed with my vaporizer, then I rolled myself a joint. With vaporization, I’m able to really feel the flavors. And the joint is my little pleasure, it’s where I feel the high. And there’s no doubt about it, the effect is there. By the end of it, I’m clearly high! I love the feeling, I really do!

Note that you can also buy edibles at Greenhead Clinic. You’ve got cookies and even gummies. It’s great for those of you who want to feel the effects without smoking!

Pricing and Value

Prices range from 400 baht a gram for a weed like Skunk Hero to 650 baht a gram for Pad Thai. I paid 550 baht for a gram of Flo-See.

I think the prices are reasonable for the area. I think that 99% of Greenhead Clinic’s customers are tourists, and the group has chosen not to offer outrageous prices like I’ve seen in other shops, which don’t hesitate to offer strains at over 1000 baht a gram. It’s a good thing to remain realistic.

My only regret is that Greenhead doesn’t offer cheap weeds, below 300 baht a gram. Indeed, some tourists or locals have smaller budgets and there, clearly, they can’t find what they’re looking for. Rest assured, friends, I’m in the process of negotiating a weed discount code for you, so you can try out Greenhead’s great products!

The Staff at Greenhead Clinic

customers at greenhead
Greenhead Clinic is a well-appreciated weed shop

Knowing that Greenhead has 20 stores across the country, it wouldn’t really be professional of me to judge the quality of the staff on a visit to just one shop.

So, I’ll leave it to you to give me feedback on your experiences. What did you think? Don’t forget to post your impressions in the comments, that’s how you help the Bangkok Stoners community!

For my part, when I went to Greenhead Khaosan Road, there was only one budtender to welcome me. She was very pleasant, smiling, and ready to answer all my questions.

She gave me what I now call the “Thai speech” on indica and sativa and recommended a few strains, not necessarily the most expensive ones. She really took an interest in my needs, what I was really looking for, to direct me towards products that suited me better. I really appreciated this service, to be honest. So that’s a good point for Greenhead Clinic.

Additional Services

At Greenhead Clinic, you can buy weed, but not only weed. In fact, you can tell from the name “Clinic” that the group wants to develop this medical, wellness side that far too many other shops put aside to concentrate on the recreational side.

Health & Wellness Products

greenhead clinic wellness
Amazing wellness corner

At Greenhead Khaosan Road, I wasn’t just interested in smoking flowers. Far from it, I also bought a box of Cannabis and Rose tea, supposed to relax me. In any case, I’m intrigued by the Rose/Cannabis blend. I’ll let you know if it’s any good once I’ve tested it. I also bought a lip balm.

In reality, I could have bought plenty of other products that looked really qualitative to me, like the body cream, the shampoo, the relaxing CBD oil and so on. I held back because I could have bought it all, but next time I thought I’d give it a try. I love CBD products for the skin. Their benefits are fascinating for the whole body.

I think it’s really cool that Greenhead is offering these products and encouraging cannabis enthusiasts to take a little more interest. I wish the budtender had pushed me a little harder to discover this department.

Weed Delivery

You can obviously get delivered by Greenhead Clinic if you don’t feel like going out. We all have our lazy moments, ah ah ah! So, to order from Greenhead Clinic, you have two ways:

  • You can contact the staff directly on their LINE official account.
  • You can click on the button below to be redirected to the platform Cannabox, the one and only trustable website that has a partnership with high-quality dispensaries in Bangkok. You just need to choose the weed you want to buy, fill your address information and your contact and done. Weed will be delivered to your doorsteps.

The delivery services are available up to 01:00am every day. That’s quite cool according to me. So, obviously, and you know it, I had to try it myself. I was located nearby Khaosan Road. I requested a delivery to my friend’s home. It was 12:40am.


RESULT – I was delivered in exactly 11 minutes. I was shocked at how fast it was. I got my 2 grams and felt thrilled.

Reviews and Reputation

So far, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Greenhead Clinic shops. In fact, they’re highly reputed in other regions, such as Phuket, where the store boasts a customer satisfaction rate close to 100%.

As for the Bangkok shops, here’s what customers think, in other words, you :

  • 5/5 for the Khaosan Road branch
  • 5/5 for the China Town branch
  • 4,9/5 for the Silom branch

Customers seem to like the brand Greenhead Clinic. I am quite amazed that every shop in the group succeeded in generating great reviews. It means the Top Management has a strong commitment to customer service.

My Opinion on Greenhead Clinic

greenhead clinic weed strains
Choose your weed at Greenhead Clinic

In conclusion, I think Greenhead Clinic does an outstanding job of offering its customers top-quality products at prices that are quite affordable for the location.

Although I thought it was a pity that they didn’t offer cheaper weeds, I could well imagine buying from them daily.

For my part, I’ve decided to visit Greenhead Clinic once a month to discover their new flower products and, above all, to stock up on wellness products such as the creams, which my girlfriend and I adore.


What are Greenhead Clinic opening hours?

Greenhead Clinic is opened from Monday to Sunday, from 12:00pm to 01:00am. That’s for the Khaosan Road branch. For the others, I would recommend to check on Google Maps, and get directions from your location to their clinics.

Are wellness products developed by Greenhead Clinic?

This is an interesting question that many of you have asked me. Some products are branded “Greenhead Clinic” and others are not. But to be honest with you, I’ve tested the brand’s products and they’re excellent!