Coughing Apes Review

Today, we have a guest on Adam!

Check out Adam’s honest review of Coughing Apes, a weed shop in Bangkok near Udom Suk BTS. Find out why he totally digs this spot for chilling, gaming, and meeting new buds. Plus, snag a sweet discount code for your next visit. It’s all about good vibes and great times here!

Coughing Apes quick facts

  • Address: 416/9 Soi Sukhumvit 103/2, Bang Na Nuea, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260, Thailand
  • Opening Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm Everyday
  • Phone Number: +66914295644
  • Languages of the Staff: Thai, English
  • Bangkok Stoners Rating: 9/10
  • Retail Choices: On-site, Delivery
  • Payment Options: Cash, QR Payment
  • Cheapest Strain: Ceasar (140 THB for a gram)
  • Most Expensive Strain: Pla-Krim-Kai-Tao (700 THB for a gram)
  • My Exclusive Discount: TBA
  • Why You Should Visit it Today: As Adam reveals in his review, Coughing Apes is one of these weed shops where you feel really welcome and part of a community! You MUST visit the shop!
coughing apes window

Why Coughing Apes is My Go-To Spot

coughing apes weed

In my opinion, Coughing Apes offers a unique mix of convenience, relaxation, and social interaction, making it a standout destination just 30 minutes from BKK airport.

Here’s what makes this Bangkok weed shop special to me:

  • Freedom to Smoke: Enjoy the liberty to smoke freely anywhere inside the venue.
  • Gaming and Relaxation: With a PlayStation setup and comfortable seating, it’s perfect for both solo and group gaming sessions.
  • Conducive to Group Activities: Spacious with plenty of couches and large tables, it’s ideal for board games or focused work.
  • Social Hub: More than just a place to buy and dash, it allows for meaningful interactions and a laid-back vibe where you can meet both locals and expatriates, including digital nomads and foreign executives.
  • Local Charm: Owned by a cool local Thai man, it supports the local economy by exclusively sourcing Thai cannabis as well as supporting ordering food from local Thai businesses in the area
  • Diverse Menu: The menu includes coffee, ice cream, snacks, and a few drinks, along next to servings of familiar Western dishes like spaghetti, salads, hamburgers and more, complementing the extensive local food choices in the area.
  • Flexible Dining Options: Feel free to order food from outside to enjoy in-house or order food here.
  • Complimentary Amenities: Each visit is greeted with cold ice water, ensuring comfort even during long stays. Free refills, too 😉 Not tap water, obviously.
  • Defined Spaces: The venue features distinct spaces, with the downstairs area designed for lively social interactions, while the upstairs offers a peaceful retreat for studying and relaxing.
  • Smoking Accessories Provided: They provide bongs and offer rolling services for any flower purchased.
  • Personalized Music Experience: You have the liberty to play your own music, making it feel just like home. Just ask first and keep it mild. Low-fi is always good.

Located conveniently next to a 7-11, Coughing Apes is more than just a place; it’s a community hub for both locals and foreigners with a rich blend of relaxation, enjoyment, and cultural exchange.

My First Visit to Coughing Apes

coughing apes atmosphere

So, it was April 2023, and I was hanging out in Thailand, totally clueless that they had legalized weed. My plan was simple: chill there for three months, then head off to Japan.

While walking around near the Udom Suk BTS, there was this sign I kept seeing. It had this cartoon monkey puffing on a joint with “Coughing Apes” written underneath.

The third time I passed by that sign, my curiosity peaked. See, I’m pretty into weed – I spent like 13 years in Portland, Oregon, where it’s a big deal. So, I thought, “Why not?” and walked in.

Inside, it was like walking into a candy store, but instead of candy, there were jars filled with weed everywhere I looked. It was kind of confusing, so I went up and asked if I could actually buy it. The gentleman there spoke English and was like, “Yup.”

I got myself a gram of something – the name slips my mind – but what mattered is that I fell head over heels for the place. It wasn’t just a grab-and-go type of deal. It was more like walking into a friend’s house, where everyone’s cool and just wants to hang out.

Discount Codes for Bangkok Stoners Only

I spoke with the shop owner, and if you give them the code BangkokStoners, you can get 15% off all purchases on flowers; both in store and for delivery.

My Honest Review (Update June 2024)

What makes Bangkok Stoners’ cannabis dispensary reviews popular is my focus on the aspects that matter most to 95% of my readers:

  • The quality of the marijuana
  • The prices
  • The staff
  • The delivery services
  • The dispensary’s atmosphere

For Coughing Apes, Adam thoroughly evaluated these five key areas. The outcome, as expected, is highly impressive.

coughing apes cannabis

The Quality of the Marijuana

The weed at Coughing Apes isn’t the strongest I’ve ever had (that was 33% THC in Phuket), but it’s still fantastic quality, especially considering the prices are pretty fair.

They start at 150 baht per gram and go up to about 700 bahts. When I bought some, they set me up nicely – they gave me ice water, a bong, and a tray with a grinder right next to my weed. I was all set for a good couple of hours.

I still go there a lot, and I’ve made a bunch of friends. Sure, the weed’s good, but the best part is meeting new people from all over the world. It’s not every day you get to sit down and chat with folks from Russia, the U.S., Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Germany, China, Japan, and more.

If you’re in Bangkok, I definitely recommend you check out Coughing Apes at least once. It’s a cool place to hang out, smoke some quality weed, and maybe even make some new friends.

They have all sorts of weed here, from really high-quality stuff to more affordable options that still give you a strong buzz. Before you buy, you can check it out to see if it’s what you want – and it’s never disappointing. The top-shelf weed looks spectacular, and the cheaper options are perfect if you’re just looking for a chill vibe.

The Prices

I think the prices are pretty fair. Back in Portland, Oregon, where you’ve been able to legally buy weed since 2015 and everyone can grow up to 7 plants at home, there’s a ton of weed and prices are low.

There, a pre-rolled 1-gram joint costs about $3, and you can find ounces for $32. So, starting prices here at 150 bahts, or around $4.5, feels like a good deal. Paying about $4.5 for a gram in Thailand? That’s an awesome deal.

coughing apes staff

The Staff

The staff here are really cool and can speak English – some are fluent and others can keep up a good conversation. They’re all locals from around the area, and the place is owned by a Thai person too.

I’ve never had any issues; they’re super helpful and sometimes even hook you up with a little extra.

The Delivery Services

You can get your weed delivered, but it’s usually done through the Lineman app, so you’ll need to have that. If you need another way to get it, you might be able to work something out. Just first message them on Instagram or Line to ask.

coughing apes shop

The Atmosphere at Coughing Apes

Coughing Apes stands out from many of the flashier weed stores you see in Bangkok. It’s way more laid-back, kind of like a friendly smoke club.

The space is decorated with nice glass windows that are frequently closed when it’s sunny, making the place feel bigger than it actually is.

The shop has two levels: upstairs is quieter, perfect if you want to relax or need a calm spot. Downstairs is where everything happens.

There are large tables that provide plenty of space for different activities – you can play card games, enjoy board games, study Thai, or even work on business projects. It’s a versatile spot whether you’re there to chill or get some work done.

Reviews and Reputation

And what about the reputation of Coughing Apes?

Customers unanimously agree that Coughing Apes is a reliable choice, offering exceptional cannabis quality and consistently outstanding customer service.

My Opinion on Coughing Apes

coughing apes edible

This cafe seems to hold so much potential. You can tell by the number of regulars who keep coming back for more. In the mere 9 months since my first visit, I’ve already seen some significant upgrades around the place.

They’ve spiced things up by introducing a food menu and bringing in a Playstation for some gaming fun. 🙂 I recommend Everybody’s Golf. haha.

It’s these kinds of improvements that not only enhance the weed cafe’s unique charm but also show their commitment to providing a great customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Coughing Apes’ opening hours?

Coughing Apes is open every day from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Would it be possible to get delivery from Coughing Apes?

Coughing Apes does offer delivery through Lineman App.

Where can I check the weed menu?

You can check out their weed menu on the Couging Apes’ website. It’s not always up to date, but it’s a good idea what they have. You may ask them on Line or IG for a photo of their current available cannabis for sale.

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